Sea Related Products

SOCOMAF CC has forged partnerships with multiple brands to source some of the most in-demand sea related products. These products range from caviar to smoked salmon, and even includes a range of unique seaweeds.

Logo for PassionFroid by Groupe Pomona.

PassionFroid is part of Group Pomona. They specialise in frozen foods and excel in their cold chain management. They strive to limit their environmental impact and to ensure that the best quality becomes the norm.

  • Canadian/USA Scallops without Roe

  • Frozen Irish Brown Crab Meat

  • Frozen Sea Urchins

  • Frozen New Caledonian Obsiblue Prawns

Logo for Labeyrie.

Labeyrie started their smoked salmon adventure in the 1960s. They were inspired by traditional Norwegian smoking and salting techniques, which they learned and adapted into their own techniques. They are engaged in the quality of their ingredients and provide dates for both the fishing and smoking of each fish. Their fish roe adventures, are slightly more recent from the last decade. They are constantly on a quest to find the best products in the world.

Red Lumpfish Roe from Iceland, by Labeyrie.

Fish Roe 80g

  • Giant Pacific Wild Salmon Roe (80g/100g)

  • Black Icelandic Lumpfish Roe

  • Red Icelandic Lumpfish Roe

  • Danish Trout Roe

Smoked Salmon

  • 2 Slices Wild Alaskan Smoked Salmon 75g

  • 2 Slices Scottish Smoked Salmon 75g

  • 6 Slices Scottish Smoked Salmon 180g

  • 6 Slices Wild Alaskan Smoked Salmon 180g

Kaviari was founded over 40 years ago during the age of Iranian caviar. Kaviari uses a "Caviar Master" to select the source of their caviar, making sure that they are farmed in a sustainable way, and that they are matured under strict supervision to ensure the best quality eggs. Their products can be found in Michelin starred restaurants around the world.

Oscietra Caviar Packaging by Kaviari


  • Acipenser Baeri Rova Caviar 30g

  • Acipenser Baeri Rova Caviar 50g

  • Acipenser Baeri Rova Caviar 125g


  • Boutargue 100g

  • Spanish Cuttlefish Ink

Tobiko - Flying Fish

  • Wasabi Tobiko 70g

  • Orange Tobiko 70g

Christine Le Tennier was founded over three decades ago as an export management company. They quickly became industry leaders in the trade of seaweed-based products and edible seaweed. Their products have numerous nutritional benefits, such as being rich in iodine, minerals, oligo elements and vitamins.

Dry Seaweed

  • Organic Mixed Seaweed Salad (Lettuce, Dulse, Nori) 50g

  • Organic Sea Spaghetti 50g

  • Organic Sea Wakame 100g

Fresh Seaweed

  • Organic Mixed Seaweed Salad (Lettuce, Dulce, Nori) 1kg

Jar of Seaweed Salad, with Dulce, Sea Lettuce and Nori.