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Caviar is often referred to as the "king of foods" due to its exclusivity and delicate taste. Caviar's delicate and complex flavour, which can be described as nutty, briny and buttery, is highly sought after by gourmet food enthusiasts. Its luxurious status is also reinforced by its long history of being served at high-end events, such as royal banquets and celebrations, as well as being paired with expensive champagnes, wines and spirits.

Acipenser Madagascar's logo.

Acipenser Madagascar caviar is a luxury food product that is produced by harvesting the roe (eggs) from sturgeon fish that are farmed in Madagascar. Acipenser is a genus of sturgeon fish from which many different species of caviar can be obtained, such as Osetra, Sevruga, and Beluga. These species are known for their high-quality and delicacy, which makes them particularly sought after by gourmet food enthusiasts. The caviar produced by Acipenser Madagascar is considered to be of exceptional quality due to the specific conditions of the farm and the care that is taken in the harvesting, processing and packaging of the roe. It is known for its nutty, buttery and briny flavour, which is considered to be a unique and luxurious delicacy.


  • Acipenser Baeri Rova Caviar 30g

  • Acipenser Baeri Rova Caviar 50g

  • Acipenser Baeri Rova Caviar 125g

This photograph appears to be of a container of Acipenser Rova caviar. Caviar is the roe (eggs) of sturgeon fish, and it is traditionally considered a delicacy. The container appears to be made of glass and has a metal lid. The caviar inside is dark in color and is likely to be of the Osetra or Sevruga variety. The caviar is presented in the traditional way, nestled on a bed of crushed ice, and the container is likely to be labeled with the brand name, Acipenser Rova and the type of caviar. The container is likely to be packaged in an elegant and sophisticated way, giving a sense of luxury and exclusivity.
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