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French Cheese

One of France's most famous food products is their cheese. They have one of the most diverse cheese ranges in the world. The French population's love of cheese is legendary and it forms a significant part of French culture and cuisine. AOP and IPG cheeses are denoted as such when their milk is sourced from the same region as they are made and matured.

Pressed Cheese

Soft Cheese

Pressed or hard cheeses are only made from cow's milk and are compact in texture. They have been subject to pressure and have had their whey removed in order to achieve their specific texture. 

Soft cheeses have a high moisture content which makes them spreadable. They can be unripened, giving them a soft, milky flavour, or they can be ripened to add depth to their flavour.

  • Cantal, 30% AOP

  • Reblochon, 28% AOP

  • Saint Paulin, 26% AOP

  • Tête de Moine, 36%

  • Tomme Savoie, 30% IGP

Blue Cheese

Blue cheese is a semi-soft cheese, from any milk origin, that has been ripened and have edible mold on them. Their ripening gives them a sharp taste and a strong smell. 

  • Bresse Bleu, 15% AOP

  • Bleu Auvergne, 26% AOP

  • Fourme d'Ambert

  • Roquefort Papillion with Sheep's Milk, 32%AOP

  • AC Époisses, 24% AOP

  • Brie 25%

  • Brie de Meaux, 22.8% AOP

  • Camembert Gillot, 22% AOP

  • Camembert Le Petit Normand, 22% AOP

  • Camembert Ligueil, 26% AOP

  • Chaource Lincet, 22% AOP

  • Délice de Bourgogne

  • Livarot, 22% AOP

  • Morbier, 29% AOP

  • Munster Gerome, AOC

  • Pie d'Anglois

  • Pont l'Évêque, 21.5% AOP

  • Rouy, 25% AOP

  • Saint Nectaire, 27% AOP

Photo of a French Cantal cheese.
Image of a French Saint Nectaire cheese.
Image of a French Bleu Auvergne cheese.

Other Cheese

  • AC Banon Goat's Cheese, 25% AOP

  • AC Pouligny Goat's Cheese, 25% AOP

  • AC Valencay Ash Goat's Cheese, 25% AOP

  • Crottin de Chavignol Goat's Cheese, 26% AOP

  • Saint Maure Ash Goat's Cheese, 16% AOP

  • Raclette Livradois, 28% AOP

Image of a Crottin de Chavignol goat's cheese.
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