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Flavour Pearls 

Gourmet food innovators, Christine Le Tennier lives up to their "Creativ' Food" slogan. They like to mix food and science and they love to create new products by using molecular gastronomy. Part of their product line are flavour pearls encased in gossamer fine gel and filled with a variety of punchy flavours. They can be used in all types of food or cocktails for a fun and delicious burst of flavour.

Tasting set of Christine Le Tennier's flavour pearls

Flavour Pearls

  • Balsamic Vinegar 50g

  • Fig 50g

  • Lemon Pepper 50g

  • Mango 50g

  • Passion Fruit 50

  • Raspberry 50g

  • Soya 50g

  • Truffle 50g

  • Vinegar & Shallot 50g

  • Yuzu 50g

This photograph is of a container of Christine le Tennier's mango flavoured pearls. These pearls are small, round, liquid-filled spheres that are used as a garnish or to enhance the taste of dishes and drinks. The pearls are filled with intense, concentrated mango flavours. The container appears to be made of plastic or glass and has a screw-on lid or dropper, making it easy to dispense the pearls.
  • Balsamic Glaze 220g

  • Intense Raspberry 220g

  • Sour Mango 220g

  • Yuzu & Timut Pepper 220g

Flavour Spheres

Balsamic glaze flavoured sheres from Christine Le Tennier
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