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Flavour Pearls 

Christine Le Tennier lives up to their "Creativ' Food" slogan. They are innovative and constantly changing the mould. They like to mix food and science and they love to create with molecular gastronomy. Part of their product line are flavour pearls encased in gossamer fine gel and filled with a variety of punchy flavours. They can be used in all types of food or cocktails for a fun and delicious burst of flavour.

  • Balsamic Vinegar 50g

  • Black Truffles and White Balsamic Vinegar 50g

  • Fig 50g

  • Lemon Pepper 50g

  • Mango 50g

  • Monbazillac Gold 50g

  • Passion Fruit 50

  • Raspberry 50g

  • Soya 50g

  • Truffle 50g

  • Vinegar & Shallot 50g

  • Yuzu 50g

Photo of Christine Le Tennier's Lemon Pepper Flavour Pearls.
Photo of Christine Le Tennier's Yuzu Flavour Pearls in a Spoon.