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Salts & Spices

Terre Exotique is a spice house which aims to bring civilisations and cuisine together. They seek spices, berries, seeds, and pods from the four corners of the Earth, to bring them to our plates. Their high quality ingredients can transport you all over the world and enable you to partake in their globe trotting adventure. 


  • La Baleine Guérande Flower Salt

  • Guérande Flower Salt

  • Hawaiian Palm Island Black Lava Salt

  • Smoked Viking Salt

  • Washington State Salish Smoked Salt

Peppers & Berries

  • Cambodian Red Kampot Berry

  • Cameroonian Penja Black Pepper

  • Cameroonian Penja White pepper

  • Chinese Red Szechuan Berry

  • Ethiopian Passion Berry

  • Ethiopian Timiz Pepper

  • Green Pepper

  • Indonesian Cubebe Pepper

  • Japanese Sancho Berry

  • Java Long Pepper

  • Madagascan Pink Peppercorn

  • Madagscan Voatsiperifery Wild Black Pepper

  • Mixed Black and Cayenne Pepper

  • Nepalese Timur Berry


  • Chipotle Chilli

  • Dry Ancho Chilli

  • Dry Angel Hair Chilli

  • Dried Espelette Chilli

  • Tunisian Espelette Paste

Photo of Terre Exotique's Fleur de Guerande Salt.
Photo of Terre Exotique's Red Szechuan Berries.
Photo of Terre Exotique's Espelette Chilli.

Herbs & Spices

  • Iranian Saffron Thread (0.25g)

  • Liquorice Powder

  • Sumac

  • Yellow Mustard Seeds

  • Zaithar

Photo of Terre Exotique's Liquorice Powder.