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For those seeking the finest imported gourmet food, French condiments are a must-try. Made from the highest quality ingredients, these condiments are a testament to the rich culinary tradition of France. From tangy mustards to specialty vinegars, these products are sure to elevate any dish to new heights of flavour. As a leading supplier of fine food in South Africa, we at SOCOMAF take pride in offering our customers the very best French condiments, sourced from the most reputable suppliers in the industry. Experience the exquisite taste of these fine food products and add a touch of French sophistication to your next meal.

Image of Edmond Fallot's Logo

Edmond Fallot is a family mustard mill in Burgundy that specialises in craftsman mustard making, and was founded in 1840. Their mustard mill is the last independent, family mustard mill In Burgundy. They take particular care in maintaining their approach to quality, the environment and conservation.


  • Basil Mustard 21cls

  • Blackcurrant Mustard 21cls

  • Dijon Mustard 21cls/5kg

  • Dijon Wholegrain White Wine Mustard 21cls/5kg

  • Gingerbread Mustard 21cls

  • Green Peppercorn Mustard 21cls

  • Honey & Balsamic Mustard 21cls

  • Madras Curry Mustard, 21cls

  • Mild Brown Mustard, 21cls

  • Pinot Noir Dijon Mustard 10cls

  • Provençale Mustard 21cls

  • Tarragon Mustard 21cls

  • Walnut Mustard, 21cls

Image of Edmond Fallot's Basil Dijon Mustard.

Other Mustards

  • Arch Lever Dijon Mustard 1kg

  • Gift Pack 4 x 25cls Mustard

  • Honey Balsamic / Tarragon / Provençale 10cls

  • Steel Baby Bucket Dijon Mustard 450g

Arch Lever Edmond Fallot Dijon Mustard

Vinegars 500ml

  • Apple Cider Vinegar

  • Burgundy White Wine Vinegar

  • Chardonnay White Wine Vinegar

  • Fig Vinegar

  • Merlot Red Wine Vinegar

  • Old Wine Vinegar

  • Provence Herbs White Wine Vinegar

  • Raspberry Vinegar

  • Shallot Red Wine Vinegar

  • Tarragon White Wine Vinegar

  • Walnut White Wine Vinegar

  • Xérès White Wine Vinegar

Image of Edmond Fallot's Burgundy White Wine Vinegar.


  • Extra Fine Gherkins (110g/2120g)

Image of Edmond Fallot's Extra Fine Cornichons.
Logo for Abel Huilerie Lapalisse

La Tourangelle is an award-winning company that uses traditional nut oil making processes. They uphold traditions and techniques that have been used since the Middle Ages. Their mill is 150 years old and still runs in a traditional way to retain all the flavours, nutrients and health benefits from their produce. They are also engaged in many sustainable projects, such as Community Gardening, and have made sustainable commitments, such as Low Impact Packaging.

Artisan Oils

  • Almond Oil 250ml

  • Argan Oil 250ml

  • Avocado Oil 250ml

  • Hazelnut Oil 250ml

  • Hemp Oil 250ml

  • Linseed Oil 250ml

  • Pistacchio Oil 250ml

  • Pumpkin Seed Oil 250ml

  • Walnut Oil 250ml/500ml

Abel Huilerie Lapalisse product range
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