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Our Products

This photograph appears to be of a caviar farm, specifically one belonging to Acipenser Madagascar. The photo shows several tanks or ponds that are used to farm sturgeon fish, from which caviar is extracted. The tanks are filled with water and appear to be well-maintained. The tanks are surrounded by greenery, suggesting that the farm is located in a rural or natural area. The tanks appear to be of varying sizes, possibly indicating that the farm raises different species of sturgeon or different ages of fish. The tanks are also seen to be covered in netting, which is a common practice to protect the fish from the sun, birds and other predators.

Our products are sourced from industry leaders, food innovators, and lovers of gourmet food, who are primarily located in France. These brands have a strong emphasis on ingredient quality and origin, and they are globally renowned. We choose to partner with food brands who share our belief that good food starts with the best ingredients. We are constantly looking at food trends and innovations in order to distribute them to South Africa whilst providing our clients with the products that make them globally competitive.

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