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Canned Meat & Foie Gras 

When it comes to celebrating French canned meat and Foie Gras, we choose to partner with brands to whom tradition and heritage are very important. Their products follow recipes passed down from generation to generation, ensuring the best quality, taste and culinary experience.

Logo for Delpeyrat
Labeyrie Logo

Delpeyrat and Labeyrie are two brands who are synonymous with high quality French canned meat. They were founded in 1890 and 1946 respectively, and they both share a passion for making use of authentic French ingredients, products, and techniques. In addition to their deep history, both Delpeyrat and Labeyrie are turned towards the future by focusing on preserving their products' terroirs, committing to durability, and raising their produce in free-range environments.

Labeyrie Duck Confit, tin with two legs.

​Duck Confit in Duck Fat

  • Duck Confit 2 Legs

  • Duck Confit 4 Legs

  • Duck Confit 12 Legs

​Paté and Confit

  • Duck Rillette with 20% Foie Gras 170g

  • Duck Terrine with 20% Foie Gras 170g

  • Duck Terrine 170g


Duc de Gascogne is a family business that was founded in 1953. They captivate local and authentic flavours in traditional recipes, whilst simultaneously elevating them to a high gastronomical level. They are particularly well known for their gift hampers and end-of-year gourmet gifts.

Photo of Duc de Gascogne Duck Terrine with Orange.

Terrines 65g

  • Chicken Terrine with Almond and Preserved Lemon

  • Pheasant Terrine with Grapes

  • Pheasant Terrine with Monbazillac

  • Duck Terrine with Orange

  • Goose Terrine with Colombelle Wine

  • Chicken Terrine with Basil and Thyme

  • Guinea Fowl Terrine with Gamay Wine and Pink Peppercorns

  • Goose Terrine with Pear and Truffle Juice

  • Wild Boar Terrine with Hazelnut and Mandarin

  • Duck Terrine with Shiraz Wine and Fig

  • Duck Terrine with Olive

Terrines 90g

  • Goose Terrine with Pear and Truffle Juice

  • Smoked Duck Breast Terrine with Wholegrain Mustard and Espelette Chilli

Terrines 130g

  • Goose Terrine with Colombelle Wine

  • Duck Terrine with Orange

Terrines 180g

  • Pork Terrine with Smoked Duck Breast 

  • Shredded Pork Cheek Terrine with Baby Onions

  • Goose Rillette

Large Terrines and Canned Meat

  • Gascon Terrine with 20% Foie Gras 300g

  • Traditional Pork Basque Terrine with Espelette Chilli 300g

  • Countryside Terrine Jean de Verac 300g

  • Ham in Jelly 300g

  • Duck Casoulet 380g

  • Duck Cassoulet 840g

​Foie Gras

  • Whole Duck Foie Gras 180g

  • Whole Duck Foie Gras 130g

  • Whole Duck Foie Gras 90g

  • Whole Goose Foie Gras 180g

  • Block of Duck Foie Gras 180g

  • Block of Duck Foie Gras 130g

  • Block of Duck Foie Gras 65g

  • Block of Goose Foie Gras 65g

Three Pack Sets 65g

  • Duck Terrines (Duck Mousse, Traditional Duck Terrine, Duck Armagnac)

  • Poultry Terrines (Duck Mousse, Goose with Colombelle Wine, Pheasant with Grapes)

  • Provence Terrines (Duck with Olive, Guinea Fowl with Rosemary, Chicken with Basil and Thyme)

  • Aperitif Terrines (Duck with Shiraz Wine and Fig, Guinea Fowl with Gamay Wine and Pink Peppercorns, Lobster with Chardonnay Wine and Lemon)

  • Game Terrines (Pheasant, Deer, Wild Boar)

Additional Products

  • Cannele of Bordeaux in Rum 70g

Logo for Jean Brunet French Pates.

Jean Brunet was founded in 1885 and is a leading Paté-making brand. They produce high quality patés by using the best quality meat available to them and by using no preservatives or artificial ingredients.

Patés 90g

  • Traditional Farmhouse Pork Paté

  • Duck Paté with Armagnac

Photo of a Jean Brunet Duck Pate with Armagnac.
Logo for Hénaff.

Groupe Jean Hénaff was founded in 1907. They consist of a family of food brands including Hénaff, Algaé, and Kervern. Hénaff, their original food brand, is still a family business and is emblematic of Brittany and their products still use the savoir-faire and techniques dating back to over a century ago.

Patés and Rillettes 90g

  • Chicken Paté with Espelette Chilli

  • Duck Paté with Honey

  • Country Paté with Andouille and Apple

  • Duck Paté with Black Fig

  • Chicken Rillette with Citrus

  • Old Style Pork Rillette

  • Duck Rillette

  • Pork Liver Confit with Cognac


Patés, Rillettes and Terrines 180g

  • Traditional Brittany Pork Country Paté

  • Pork Liver Paté with Cognac

  • Pork Forest Paté with Mushrooms

  • Old Style Pork Rillette

  • Duck Rillette

  • Duck Terrine with Hazelnut

  • Duck Terrine

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