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Chestnuts & Dry Legumes

As specialty food distributors, Sabarot Legumes and ConceptFruit are dedicated to bringing the finest imported gourmet food to customers around the world. From Sabarot's premium range of legumes to ConceptFruit's delectable chestnuts, these companies are committed to sourcing only the highest quality ingredients from the most reputable suppliers. With a focus on sustainability and ethical practices, Sabarot Legumes and ConceptFruit are trusted names in the world of gourmet food, offering an unparalleled taste experience that is sure to delight even the most discerning palate.


ConceptFruits is a company that specialises in the production and distribution of high-quality fruits, including chestnuts.  ConceptFruits source their chestnuts from the best growers, ensuring that the chestnuts are of the highest quality, fresh, and safe to consume and also ensure their chestnuts are grown in a sustainable way. 


  • Chestnut cream 350g

  • Cooked & peeled chestnuts 420g

  • Sous-vide chestnuts 2 x 200g

This photograph appears to be of a jar of cooked chestnuts, sold by ConceptFruits. Chestnuts are the edible nuts of the chestnut tree, known for their sweet, nutty flavor and versatility in cooking. The jar appears to be made of glass and has a metal lid. The chestnuts inside are likely to be peeled and cooked, ready to eat. The jar is likely labeled with the brand name, ConceptFruits and the product name, cooked chestnuts. The jar is likely packaged in an elegant and sophisticated way, giving a sense of quality, freshness, and convenience. The photo is likely to be used for product marketing, showcasing the product and its features.
Concept Fruits chestnut cream
Concept Fruit sous vide chestnuts
Logo for Sabarot.

Sabarot is a seventh generation family business that originally started making sheets, and eventually shifted towards oat and lentil production. Today, they boast a wide range of cereals, legumes and grains, amongst other products. Sabarot's products are of to the highest standard so that professional chefs and home cooks alike can make use of the best quality ingredients.


  • Le Puy Green Lentils 500g

  • Green Lentils 500g

  • Beluga Lentils 500g/1kg


  • Tarbais Beans 1kg

  • White Coco Beans 1kg

  • Pink Coco Beans 1kg

  • Black Coco Beans 1kg

  • Green Flageolet Beans 1kg


  • White Quinoa 500g

  • Red Quinoa 500g/2.5kg

  • Black Quinoa 500g/1kg

  • Trio Quinoa Mix 400g

Other Grains

  • Pear Barley 500g/1kg

  • Couscous 450g

  • Organic Buckwheat Couscous 850g

  • Bamboo Rice 1kg

  • Red Rice 400g

  • Black Rice 400g

Lentilles du Puy from Sabarot
Box of White Coco Beans by Sabarot.
Box of Sabarot White Quinoa.
Red rice from Sabarot
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