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Sabarot Dry Legumes

Sabarot is a seventh generation family business that originally started making sheets, and eventually shifted towards oat and lentil production. Today, they boast a wide range of cereals, legumes and grains, amongst other products. Sabarot's products are of to the highest standard so that professional chefs and home cooks alike can make use of the best quality ingredients.


  • Le Puy Green Lentils 500g

  • Green Lentils 500g

  • Beluga Lentils 500g/1kg


  • Tarbais Beans 1kg

  • White Coco Beans 1kg

  • Pink Coco Beans 1kg

  • Black Coco Beans 1kg

  • Green Flageolet Beans 1kg


  • White Quinoa 500g

  • Red Quinoa 500g/2.5kg

  • Black Quinoa 500g/1kg

  • Trio Quinoa Mix 400g

Box of Sabarot Green Lentils.
Box of White Coco Beans by Sabarot.
Box of Sabarot White Quinoa.

Other Grains

  • Pear Barley 500g/1kg

  • Couscous 450g

  • Pearl Couscous 350g/800g

  • Fregola Sarda 400g/950g

  • Freekeh 850g

  • Organic Buckwheet Couscous 850g

  • Bamboo Rice 1kg

  • Red Rice 400g

  • Black Rice 400g

Box of Fregola Sarda by Sabarot.