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SOCOMAF CC is a leading importer and distributor of French Fine Foods. We strive to source from only the best French brands, with a strong emphasis on product quality. We are based in Cape Town, South Africa, and deliver to its surrounding areas, as well as to Johannesburg.  For more information about our products, distribution and prices, please email

Our Brands

We primarily partner with French Food Brands who are widely renowned for their high quality ingredients, innovation and craftsmanship. We also partner with some local South African brands to supply the best fresh ingredients we can find. We believe in forming strong relationships with both our clients and suppliers, united by our shared passion for good food. Click here to read more about our products.

Les vergers Boiron logo.
Logo for Selectal Cote Ouest.
Logo for Creative Foods by Christine Le Tennier.
Logo for Agritrade International.
Logo for La Tourangelle.
Logo for Passion Froid by Group Pomona.
Logo for Terre Exotique.
Logo for Pebeyre.
Logo for Kaviari Paris.
Logo for Jean Brunet Pates.
Logo for Champiland.
Logo for Edmond Fallot Mustards.